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Ways to Give via
My Community Behavioral Health Systems  (Non-Profit)

Gifts by Check, Money Order,  and Credit Cards

My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC welcomes gifts made by check, money order or credit card via our non-profit subsidiary, My Community Behavioral Health Systems, Incorporated.

Monthly Donor

By becoming a monthly donor through automatic deductions from your checking or credit card account, you create a valuable, dependable source of income that we greatly appreciate. Also, by making a monthly gift, both your paperwork and our administrative costs will be reduced. Monthly Donors receive a special quarterly report so that you can see the value of your commitment. When you participate, your gift will be transferred to My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC each month from your checking account or charged to your credit card. A record of each gift will appear on your monthly bank or credit card statement. You may increase, decrease, or suspend your gift at any time. To participate in our monthly giving program, contact our Board Secretary.

Matching Gifts

Double or even triple your gift to My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC by making a corporate matching gift. Many companies will match their employees’ charitable contributions. Contact your employer’s human resources office to see if your gift can be matched. If so, simply request a matching gift form from your employer and send the signed form to My Community Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.

Celebration or Memorial Gifts

Making a gift that helps others is a wonderful way to celebrate a milestone or remember an important person in your life. Celebrating events such as graduations, weddings, promotions, retirements takes on a new meaning when you help to improve the lives of those who need support. Likewise, remembering those who have touched your life in a special way takes on greater meaning when your generosity helps those in need. Each gift is acknowledged by a card sent to the honored person or family of the deceased person in whose name the gift is being made. The notification does not include the amount of the gift. However, as a donor, you will receive a separate acknowledgement for your own records.


Relationship with Donors and Donor Privacy Policy

All My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC. and My Community Behavioral Health Systems, Incorporated's solicitation materials will be accurate and will correctly reflect the organization’s mission and use of solicited funds. Upon request, donors shall receive accurate and ethical advice about the value and tax implication of potential gifts. My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC, Inc. shall take care to ensure proper stewardship of charitable contributions, including timely reports on the use and management of funds.


When funds are accepted with conditions, those conditions will be honored. If My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC cannot meet known conditions, staff members will ask the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors for guidance about returning the funds or requesting modifications in the donors’ conditions.


Requests made by donors to remain anonymous, have their names removed from mailing lists, or to restrict mail, telephone or other appeals will be honored. Information about donors that should be private will not be made public. Donors will not be subjected to excessive pressure when solicited for contributions. My Life Behavioral Health Systems, LLC will not sell, share or trade our donor list(s) or our donors’ personal information without their written consent.

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